The City of Cape Coast is among the pilot municpalities engaged in UN Habitat’s Waste Wise Cities programme. N³ is accompanying this process at the request of Cape Coasts twin city, Bundesstadt Bonn.

N³ is supported by Dr. Kwaku Koduro-Appiah, an environmental scientist and lecturer at the University of Cape Coast. After a representative sampling and examination of the waste in autumn 2021, the evaluation of the analyses is now available. The chances of separating different waste fractions must be carefully weighed up. Which materials from the waste can be recycled in the region? How can the quality of these fractions be optimised? What are the social and economic perspectives?  How can the fee system be changed to favour waste separation? What can be done to ensure complete collection of all waste? As the recovery rate is very low up to now, there is a broad field of potential options, but a “waste wise” solution is not easy to obtain.

Picture: Beach of Cape Coast (Photographer: David Stanley from Nanaimo, Canada, Creative Commons)