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  • Sustainable strategies for companies
  • Sustainable development in public entities
  • Sustainability reporting


Sustainable strategies build on a triad of
Successful management
Respect for the environment
Socially responsible practices
Sustainability is a must and indispensable for corporate success as well as for society as a whole. In the shape of the Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations have established an agenda for this.
We can help you develop sustainable strategies and put them into practice:
When working with corporate customers we highlight their clientele, while in the case of public entities their particular mandate is at the heart of our activities.
We develop – together with you – a comprehensive overview of problems and solutions.
Sustainable strategies are designed for the long term and ensure lasting corporate success.
Combining sustainable development at both societal and corporate level is not such a difficult task. Just ask us! We are convinced that a mindset and modus operandi that are attuned to sustainability will in future be part of the strategy of each and every company or public entity.
In volatile markets and a fast and constantly changing environment, companies as well as public bodies need to position themselves with clear values and objectives. Financial stability, fundamental social principles and ecological awareness are inextricable. We can help you reposition – without neglecting your roots.
We are Sustainability Code instructors. The Code provides a framework for unbureaucratic reporting on non-financial activities that can be used by companies and other organisations of any size or legal form.



  • Do you want to make your company future-proof?
  • Would you like to test sustainable strategies designed for companies or public entities?
  • Are you planning to introduce sustainable management in your organisation, but still need some professional help with how to put it into practice?
  • Have you already realigned your business to sustainable management, but see further room for improvement?
  • Do you want to compile a sustainability report?
Then please contact us! We are convinced that a mindset and modus operandi that are attuned to sustainability will in future have to be and will be part of the strategy of each and every company or public entity.


  • Do you need an overview of how strategic resources are collected, recycled and reutilised?
  • Do you want to raise resource and energy efficiency in your company?
  • Would you like to learn more about the strategic interrelationship between climate protection, resource management and energy consumption in your sector?
  • Would you like to know what potential you can leverage by coupling energy, mobility and waste?
  • Do you need help in exploring ways to optimise resource-efficient product design, recycling technologies and demand-based logistics and save money at the same time?
Then please contact us! In the light of continuing developments in sector coupling, having a clear picture of resource, energy and mobility management in your organisation can unlock unprecedented opportunities.


CSR-Nachhaltigkeitsbericht: N³ nimmt Stellung zu den ESRS

CSR-Nachhaltigkeitsbericht: N³ nimmt Stellung zu den ESRS

Aktuell: Die EFRAG legte Ende November 2022 den überarbeiteten Entwurf der European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) vor. Es liegt nun an der EU-Kommission, ob diese - verbesserten, aber nach wie vor überkomplizierten - Regeln für die CSR-Berichterstattung in...

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CO2-Rechner für Bonner Abfälle!

CO2-Rechner für Bonner Abfälle!

Bonnorange AöR, der Abfallwirtschafts- und Stadtreinigungsbetrieb der Stadt Bonn, stellt den Abfallerzeugern auf seiner Homepage ein einfaches Instrument zur CO2-Berechnung zur Verfügung. Grundlage ist eine von N³ gemeinsam mit dem ifeu (Heidelberg) erarbeitete...

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ReziProK: Forschungsprojekte zum Schutz von Ressourcen

ReziProK: Forschungsprojekte zum Schutz von Ressourcen

Gemeinsam mit der DECHEMA betreut N³ Im Rahmen der BMBF-Förderung für Nachhaltigkeit (FONA) 25 Verbundforschungsvorhaben. Der Titel - „Ressourceneffiziente Kreislaufwirtschaft – Innovative Produktkreisläufe (ReziProK)“ - verrät schon um was es geht: Gesucht sind...

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