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N³ Nachhaltigkeitsberatung Dr. Friege & Partner supports you in developing and implementing your sustainability goals. Together with you, we analyse the status quo and design a concept for the future. With more than 20 years of experience in sustainability in a corporate context, we also advise and support you in the development of sustainability strategies and CSR reporting. Our consulting services are individually tailored to your industry and your company.


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Reporting under the CSR Directive is becoming a challenge for both private and public companies. Medium-sized businesses with more than €50 million in revenue will be faced with a complex reporting obligation.
The launch of the BIN2BEAN project.
Healthy soils - with good compost! Separate collection of bio-waste is being introduced in all EU countries. Good products are the goal, suitable for improving our soils. How can this be optimized in the chain from household

CSR Directive: We support you with the implementation

The obligation to prepare sustainability reports previously only applied to larger, listed companies. This will soon change with the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). The European Union is gradually increasing the pressure on companies and other entities to comply with the requirements of the Green Deal. Starting from January 1, 2026 at the latest, medium-sized companies must also account for the sustainability aspects of their business activities in their annual and management reports. This applies to companies that meet two of the following three requirements: at least 250 employees; a turnover of €40 million; a balance sheet total of more than €20 million. About 15,000 companies in Germany will be affected. The first year of reporting is 2025. Given the complex requirements under the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (read more in our blog), companies should start preparing for these reporting obligations now. We would be happy to support you in making your company ready for the requirements of the CSRD.

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N³: Is your partner for resource management, innovation transfer, sustainable chemistry, energy sector coupling...

The partners of N³ bring 150 years of professional experience and knowledge from numerous management positions in companies and public institutions to the consultancy. This is evident in the company’s successful work on many projects since its foundation in 2014, often at the interfaces between business, politics, and science.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT is for us a task in the challenging area between access to necessary resources, their efficient use, the quality of secondary raw materials and the energy input associated with extraction or recycling. Fields in which we are active: Waste-Resources-Climate Nexus, efficient utilization of waste, microbiological recycling and utilization of organic waste, as well as business models in the "Circular Economy" and "Bioeconomy".

CIRCULAR ECONOMY is one of the rapidly growing approaches to developing solutions for the demands of environmental and climate protection and the increasing scarcity of important resources. Benefit from our expertise in this area and explore the possibilities for your company to develop viable solutions and profit from them together with us.

INNOVATION TRANSFER is one of our core competences. We support companies in identifying and successfully transferring innovations based on their needs. To do this, we use our broad network and our many years of experience in various sectors. We help our clients unlock new ideas and technologies to strengthen their competitiveness. We place great emphasis on individual consultation and a tailor-made solution. Our expertise in innovation transfer enables our customers to react faster to changes in the market and to take advantage of new opportunities.

SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY does not only mean avoiding the use of critical substances, but also, with the support of innovations in the areas of raw materials, processes, materials, and application strategies, making significant contributions to the transformation into a sustainably operating society. Fields in which we are active: International chemical management, studies and expert discussions on the use of chemicals in the construction sector, recovery and sustainable handling of nutrients, development and evaluation of bioprocesses.

ENERGY SECTOR OF THE FUTURE – SECTOR COUPLING are topics to which we have been dedicating ourselves with great commitment for many years. Replacing the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal with renewable energies, which is necessary for reasons of environmental and climate protection, is a huge technological and economic challenge. Electricity and hydrogen, as versatile sources of energy, are increasingly connecting the energy consumption and production sectors that were separated in the past. More and more decentralised energy generation, electromobility and the further decreasing heat demand of buildings require new intelligent solutions for controlling and operating the grids. At the same time, the increasing complexity of the overall system makes it necessary to process ever larger amounts of data on grid conditions and energy use in real time. We support you in exploring your specific opportunities and in developing your individual strategies based on them.

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Our commitment to the German Sustainability Code

We have submitted a declaration of compliance with the German Sustainability Code (DNK) and participated in training courses for DNK partners. The DNK offers a comparatively simple way to report on non-financial performance. The DNK can be used by organizations and companies of any size and legal form.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Sustainability as a guarantee for environmental protection and economic success

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has long been more than a marketing term for many companies. In view of climate change, energy supply and environmental protection are playing a role in everyday life for more and more companies. Ecologically more efficient production and products, reduction of material and energy use, utilization of recyclables, switching to renewable raw materials – these are measures that can often generate economic benefits. In this way, they act proactively, in a socially responsible manner and anticipate upcoming legal requirements at national and European level.

Our experience in developing sustainability strategies for organisations and companies of different sizes demonstrates medium-term economic benefits. Furthermore, a sustainability strategy specifically developed for a company is the best prerequisite to meet the increasingly strict requirements for sustainability reports (CSR Directive) in the coming years. We will be happy to advise you on this and support you in developing a suitable monitoring system.

N³: We support you with strategy development

We have more than 20 years of experience in advising on sustainability in a corporate context.

We analyse the status quo for you and design a concept for the future together with you. Regardless of whether you are still at the very beginning of developing your sustainability strategy or want to generate potential for improvement in existing targets.

Individual solutions and consulting services tailored to your industry

Additionally, we are always happy to support you with detailed consultations on the topics of CSR strategy and sustainable resource planning. With a view to your specific industry and the situation in your company, we inform you about the connections between resource cycles, energy management and climate protection. We consider aspects such as logistics, energy, and resources as a unified entity, and can thus develop complete, customized solutions for your needs.

We pay special attention to the alignment with the economic framework requirements of your company. That’s also why a detailed consultation with you and the employees in the relevant departments is so important to us We are convinced that assuming social and environmental responsibility makes economic sense for most companies. Not only because you save resources in production and logistics processes, but also because you become more attractive as an employer and for your customers. But for this to work, processes often have to be changed step by step. We accompany you on this path.

Expertise and competences of

The partners of N³ have 150 years of professional experience. N³ has been successfully operating for almost ten years and cooperates with renowned institutes, engineering offices and law firms. Here is an excerpt from our project portfolio:

  • National Soil Protection Strategy (Client: German Environment Agency)
  • Preparing the foundation of the International Sustainable Chemistry Cooperative Center / ISC3
  • Assessment of the development of a municipal waste management company (Client: RES Recycling- und Entsorgungsservice Sangerhausen GmbH)
  • Sustainability development in a transport company (Client: Rheinbahn AG)
  • Bin2Bean – Innovations for soil improvement from bio-waste (funded by the EU within the framework of HORIZON)
  • Sustainability Communication in Waste Management – Basics and Best Practice Approaches (funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation)
  • Sustainability assessment and innovation transfer in the FONA project ReziProK (Client: DECHEMA)
  • Safe collection and storage of high-energy batteries at recycling centres (Client: Stiftung GRS Altbatterien)
  • Analysis of municipal waste and recommendations for a waste management plan in Cape Coast, Ghana (Client: Federal City of Bonn)
  • Resource management and municipal waste management – Challenger Report on behalf of the German Council for Sustainable Development
  • Basic principles for “urban mining” in a big city (Client: bonnorange AöR)
  • Scientific support and organisation of conferences on sustainable development (8th Global Nitrogen Conference, European Resources Forum, …)
  • Beyond 2020: Sustainable Chemistry as orientation and pace maker for Sound
  • Management of Chemicals and Waste (Client: German Environment Agency)
Requirements / Goals Resources
Do you want to make your company future-proof? Do you need an overview of how strategic resources are collected, recycled and reutilised?
Are you planning to introduce sustainable management in your organisation, but still need some professional help with how to put it into practice? Do you want to raise resource and energy efficiency in your company?
Do you want to compile a sustainability report or adapt it to the new CSR requirements? Do you need help investigating ways to cost-effectively optimise resource-saving product design, recycling technology and demand-driven logistics?

Requirements / Goals

Then please contact us. We are convinced that a mindset and modus operandi that are attuned to sustainability will in future have to be and will be part of the strategy of each and every company or public entity.


Then please contact us. In the light of continuing developments in sector coupling, having a clear picture of resource and energy management in your organisation can unlock unprecedented opportunities.

Experienced consultants for your success: N³ combines leadership experience and interdisciplinary knowledge

We work inter- and transdisciplinary. Our background is based on our own experiences in managing companies and public institutions. This is our basis for creative and reliable consultation.










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