Sustainability Reporting Becomes Mandatory (CSR-D)

How useful is SCIP for the recycling industry?

High-quality compost – available from careful bio-waste collection

Organizing Sustainability

Sustainability Reporting Becomes Mandatory for Many

Taxonomy – Which Sustainability Are We Talking About?

Documentation of Climate Protection Measures - EU Taxonomy and CSR Directive

Hazardous substances in a circular economy Publication Recycling 2018

Sustainable Chemistry with Beneficial Links to Waste Management

Identification of Priority Topics in the Field of Sustainable Chemistry

EU plastics strategy and its impact

Interfaces chemicals/waste/product law

Article in the magazine "UmweltMagazin" CSR (11-12/2022)

Opportunities and limits of the "Circular Economy": insights from the BMBF funding measure ReziProK, Article in the magazine MÜLL UND ABFALL 54 (11), 609-619 (2022)

Criteria for meaningful indicators

An overview of appropriate indicators of waste aspects for measuring sustainability in international chemicals management

Discussion of appropriate indicators of financial and economic aspects for measuring sustainability in the international chemicals management

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