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Reporting under the CSR Directive is becoming a challenge for both private and public companies. Medium-sized businesses with more than €50 million in revenue will be
The launch of the BIN2BEAN project.
Healthy soils - with good compost! Separate collection of bio-waste is being introduced in all EU countries. Good products are the goal, suitable for improving our
In collaboration with DECHEMA, N³ will supervise 25 joint research projects until the end of the year, within the framework of the BMBF's Funding for Sustainability
We are proud of a project of importance for international environmental pollicy: We were commissioned by the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt - UBA) to develop a
Circular economy and toxic-free environment ar two major policy goals, which cannot be reached in combination. We present a study with a holistic view on
Up to Date: EFRAG presented the revised draft of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) at the end of November 2022. It's now up to the

Bonnorange AöR, the waste management and municipal cleaning company of the City of Bonn, provides waste producers with a simple tool for calculating

Though reactive nitrogen compounds are a key resource for food production, losses of reactive nitrogen to all environmental media (e.g. from fertilizers, farmyard manure, landfills among

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