Experience with Chemicals in Building Products – German Insights Beneficial for Emerging Markets

Modern buildings and contemporary building materials rely on the use of chemicals, such as adhesives, sealants, insulating materials, and screed binders. However, hazardous substances have no place indoors, and it's crucial for craftsmen to handle construction chemicals safely. In April 2018, N³ organized a stakeholder conference on this topic as part of the national contributions to SAICM. "SAICM" – the "Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management," is a global network led by UNEP (the United Nations Environment Programme) with the goal of enhancing the safe handling of chemicals and identifying critical substances and their applications. This is not an initiative determined solely by governments but a "multi-stakeholder approach" in which, among others, the chemical industry, environmental organizations, and trade unions participate. It is not about adopting additional binding regulations but about a globally more responsible handling of chemicals on a voluntary basis. You can find insights from the expert discussions on chemicals in building products here. Another SAICM stakeholder discussion addressed the risks associated with active pharmaceutical ingredients in the environment.

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