CO2 Calculator for Waste from Bonn!


Bonnorange AöR, the waste management and municipal cleaning company of the City of Bonn, provides waste producers with a simple tool for calculating CO2 on its homepage. Developed in collaboration with N³ and ifeu (Heidelberg), the calculator is based on a comprehensive study that evaluates the climate impact of various waste fractions, including road sweepings. Now, households can conveniently calculate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their waste, encompassing collection, transportation, and processing. This tool enables Bonn's citizens to estimate the environmental impact of, for example, adding an extra paper or organic waste bin while reducing residual waste.

The greenhouse gas study prepared for Bonnorange is presented in multiple Excel tables that cover all aspects of collection, transport, and recycling. The company uses this data to estimate the climate impact of any changes to collection and disposal routes before making operational adjustments, awards, or investment decisions.

N³ and ifeu will be happy to provide further explanations.

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