Soil, the foundation of our existence…


… is a new project focus at N³. In collaboration with partner companies, we provide guidance to the Federal Environment Agency on soil protection strategies. Soil serves numerous ecological functions, closely intertwined with economic functions and our very survival. It acts as a site for food production, a water reservoir, and a carbon store, among other vital roles. Biodiversity in soils is often limited or at risk, as highlighted in a recent major report by IPBES. Climate adaptation strategies for agriculture, with a focus on food production and soil protection, will play a significant role in the near future. It’s crucial to recognize that soil is a finite resource; hence, Germany has set the goal of limiting daily expansion into settlement and transport areas to 30 hectares. However, this important objective faces challenges, including the demand for land in housing construction, as land consumption currently remains at just under 60 hectares per day. Soil protection has not received the attention it deserves in public discussions.

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