Environmental Tax Reform? Global Resource Convention?

It is really a truism: The depletion of non-renewable resources, especially rare minerals and metals, threatens our and our childrens‘ future. How to cope with resources? N³ was responsible for scientific support and recording of the European Resources Forum (ERF) and its German equivalent (Nationales Ressourcenforum - NRF) hosted by the Umweltbundesamt. About 400 experts from all the world joined the ERF (November, 26-27) and about 300 mostly German visitors joined the NRF (November, 28). Svenja Schulze, German Minister for Environmentals Affairs, opened the ERF. Topics discussed:
  • Experiences from energy and resource efficient industry
  • Optimization of resource recovery by eco-design of products
  • Need for a global resource convention
  • Introduction of an environmental tax reform for Europe
  • How to achieve minimization of GHG emissions while reducing resource consumption?


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