INI 2021 – complete documentation now available

Though reactive nitrogen compounds are a key resource for food production, losses of reactive nitrogen to all environmental media (e.g. from fertilizers, farmyard manure, landfills among others) lead to numerous effects on the environment, human health, climate and biodiversity. Pressure on the planet’s resources and ecology is steadily increasing – even faster than the emission of carbon dioxide. The amount of reactive nitrogen compounds emitted into the environment is far too high and already exceeds the “safe operating space” for future life on our planet!

INI 2021 was hosted by the Umweltbundesamt. N³ served as scientific advisor to the Agency and organized the programme together with Akademie Dr. Obladen. The documentation of INI2021 is now available on the UBA website.

The 8th conference of the International Nitrogen Initiative (INI2021) was a meeting point for scientists from all over the world who are dealing with reactive nitrogen compounds in agriculture, industry, traffic, soil, water and air. The participants of the Conference unanimously adopted the Berlin Declaration . This is an important result of INI2021 aiming at an effective nitrogen management, i.e. stimulating policy for a balanced supply of the world with nutrients and against reactive nitrogen compounds. The conference declaration is based on the latest scientific knowledge and will stimulate further policy action.

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