Plastic in the Soil – Danger or Scaremongering?

"Plastics in the environment – a problem for our soils or just a false alarm?" was the focus of a recent expert conference organized by the Commission for Soil Protection at the German Environmental Agency (UBA). We were happy to have over 300 participants - a small record for this conference. The conference was coordinated by N³ in collaboration with our colleagues from the German Federal Environment Agency and our project team as part of our ongoing soil protection project. All presentations, as well as a brief summary of the results, can be found here. Special thanks to our speakers, moderators, and all who contributed to the discussion!

How can you collect organic waste that’s as pure and plastic-free as possible? Find out in a recent survey of cities and districts showcasing “best practices.” The survey results have been published by Yasmin Eger and Henning Friege in the “Müll und Abfall” magazine, 2021, Issue 1, pages 108-116.

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