Dr. Daniel Pleissner



Dipl.-Ing. with focus on Environmental Technologies, PhD in Biology (International Institute (IHI) Zittau 2009 and University of Southern Denmark 2012)

Relevant experiences

Other functions

An international and interdisciplinary education in bio- and environmental engineering and biology gave me a fundamental insight into the sustainable use of biogenic resources. From the knowledge gained, I can select bioprocesses depending on the needs of products and evaluate their sustainability. Experience as a project manager of bioprocess engineering research projects in Germany, Poland, Denmark and Hong Kong, through the acquisition of third-party funding and the publication of more than 90 papers in the last 10 years qualify me to advise companies on the implementation of processes for the efficient use of biomaterials. In my practical work, I have focused on resource efficiency and evaluation. Resources are subject to complex distribution and change processes as well as changing dynamics due to global material flows, which often leads to major challenges in accounting and evaluating distribution flows and production chains as well as the recycling of substances, materials or complexes. In this context, bioprocesses are and will be even more important in the future in order to cover different needs such as energy and materials.