Sustainable waste management: potentials and business models


Innovations for a more sustainable waste management

Used textiles, waste batteries from electrical and electronic equipment, and demolition waste. The goal is to find more sustainable solutions! In a project* supported by the DBU, over a dozen companies involved in these three value chains, from waste collection to reuse or recycling, are collaboratively exploring opportunities for improvement at various stages and throughout the entire chain to enhance waste management sustainability. They are addressing challenges related to digitization, as well as opportunities and challenges arising from the legal framework and technological advancements. Where and how can these ideas be transformed into innovations? The research paper titled "What is Sustainable Waste Management?" created as part of this project can be found in the "Müll und Abfall 2018" magazine, Issue No. 10, pages 516-525. Additionally, you can download the interim status report of the project for the value chains of used textiles, waste batteries and demolition waste.

*) Sustainability communication in waste management. Basics and best practice strategies. DBU project 32385. Project team: N³ Nachhaltigkeitsberatung Dr. Friege & Partner, Akademie Dr. Obladen GmbH, uve Gesellschaft für Arbeitsschutz mbH

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